Preview: HOLI ONE Colour festival (07/06/2014)


HOLI ONE Colour festival will be treating Southampton to a vibrant visit at Mayflower Park on June 7th this year.

After drawing its inspiration from the original Hindu Indian HOLI festival, HOLI ONE Colour Festival combines music, performance art, and visual stimulation to create an exhilarating day out with the aim of promoting ideas of togetherness and the colour of everyday life.

Its new title Holi One helps to distinguish it from the traditional Hindu festival in the ambition to separate itself from any religious connotations but still preserve ‘oneness’. Festival goers arrive in all white in their thousands and throw powdered paint in a variety of colours at this iconic festival which has spread from as far as Germany to the USA. The day culminates in a vortex of colour covering the skin, clothes and hair of all participants morphing the crowds into a single rainbow.

To accompany this already unique event is a host of newly established electronic dance DJ’s employing euphoric sounds to make the whole experience even more surreal.

Southampton is host to Jonas Hain, BEN WOOD, Uhuru, SO CALLED SCUMBAGS and Tim Cullen bringing dance sounds from all other Europe into what promises to be a dreamlike event.


Tickets are still available from the holi one website including 5 bags of HOLI ONE powder for £39.99


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