Preview: Passenger at O2 Academy, Bournemouth (12/11/14)


Passenger or Mike Rosenberg has emerged from the flames of his previous band to develop into one of music’s hottest properties over the last four years. Continuing the name of the original band from Brighton, he has enjoyed fantastic success with the hit single ‘Let Her Go‘, which was number 1 in 16 different countries and the top 10 albums All The Little Lights. With these songs and his new release ‘Whispers’, Passenger has given us a glimpse of what he truly had to offer.
A simple set up: an acoustic guitar and a unique voice have allowed passenger great success. With a large following, he has graced many a festival stage and his fan base continues to grow.

Playing his acoustic indie music, Passenger is already playing in an over saturated market. Big names such as Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons have maintained the popularity of the genre since the indie rock boom of the early noughties. Passenger does not seem daunted and so he shouldn’t be; passenger truely has the potential to go far.
As well as touring by himself, Passenger supported Ed Sheeran in 2012 which included America, New Zealand , Australia and Ireland as well as a number of sold out venues across the UK which increased his exposure even more.
Being nominated for a BRIT award is surely just the start for Passenger, who went on to win best independent song 2013. With his career path on an obvious upward trajectory, get your tickets to see him as quickly as possible. He is playing the 02 arena in Bournemouth on November 12th. I wouldn’t miss it as you don’t know when the next opportunity to see him may be.


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