Preview: Counterparts and Expire at The Talking Heads


Counterparts are a five piece melodic hardcore band from Ontario, Canada. Their two latest albums, released through Victory Records and Pure Noise Records, The Difference Between Hell and Home (2013) and Tragedy Will Find Us (2015), became some of the most influential work in the Melodic Hardcore scene after being recognised by the likes of Rock Sound magazine. They are currently part-way through their world tour for the latest album Tragedy Will Find Us (TWFU). The album itself packs in an insane amount of pure emotion, leaving the listener raw. With very few choruses throughout the album, vocalist Brendon Murphy fills each moment of the tracks with staggeringly beautiful lyrics of anger, sadness, and love. Unlike many studio albums, TWFU doesn’t sound over produced or ‘squashed’, but instead sounds very real, which sets them in good stead for live shows.

Expire are an American band consisting of four members, joining Counterparts on the European and UK section of their tour just in time for the release of their newest album With Regret which is due for release in late September. There is less melody in the tracks from Expire, compared to Counterparts, but they are a fantastic example of Hardcore Punk music.

Landscapes and Knocked Loose will be joining these two highly acclaimed bands at the Southampton show taking place at The Talking Heads on 29th November. Landscapes are a Somerset-based five piece Melodic-Hardcore band touring their new album, Modern Earth, which was released through Pure Noise Records in April 2016. Knocked Loose are a Hardcore band from Kentucky touring their new album Laugh Tracks released also through Pure Noise Records mid-September 2016.

Considering all the support acts on this tour, it promises to be a beautifully painful and thoroughly enjoyable show.

Tickets can be found here.


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