Preview: Slow Club at Union Chapel, London


British duo Slow Club, comprised of Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson, will soon be providing their fans with a little Christmassy two-piece gig at the stain-glassed and atmospheric Union Chapel in north London.

The band have been on the indie-pop scene since 2006 with their first album, Yeah So, released three years later setting them up as a quirky folk-indie-pop group producing songs that echo the turmoils and worries of young people growing up and experiencing life. Since then Taylor and Watson have produced ParadiseComplete Surrender, and their most recent LP One Day All Of This Won’t Matter AnymoreThe band also released a Christmas EP Christmas, Thanks for Nothing back in 2009 featuring covers as well as original tracks including ‘Christmas TV’.

The physical distance that the duo faced having moved from their hometown of Sheffield undoubtedly affected their signature style and chemistry, as can be seen in their latest offering, the follow-up to stylish predecessor Complete Surrender. However, these songs – which will prove perfect without a backing band – will allow Taylor’s and Watson’s voices to resonate in the chapel giving life to some of their less hard-hitting tracks.

The duo will be beginning their UK Christmas tour in Ramsgate 8th December and will be closing at Union Chapel 16th December.

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