Review: Dua Lipa at SUSU, Southampton


Why put my summary into 25 words when you could read the whole thing?

After the brilliant publicity stunt pulled by the guys over at Coca Cola for The Best Lecture You’ve Ever Had trick featuring the lecurer Dr J.Jones (AKA Jax Jones), SUSU are up to their old antics and tricking us to go to some unmissable quality entertainment right here at the students union, and this time its none other than Brit award winner Dua Lipa.

The same publicity stunt of the best lecture you never had was pulled again, but this time right at the end of term, as some peeps go home early and skip lectures. As all 12 people sat down in The Cube for a lecture from Prof D.L. Ipa about making the most of your studies, the atmosphere changed, the lights dimmed as if we were in for a show, and we were. Dua Lipa surfed down the aisle dressed in a unicorn onesie, to the track ‘IDGAF’, which she clearly didn’t as she was in a onesie, and got onto the stage, and performed many of her tracks.

At one point Calvin Harris arrived and they did some music. It’s funny how you can kinda remember the beginning of dreams and then they go a bit blurry, there were some colours and some sounds and I can’t remember the rest. I also woke up before her set was over which was disappointing. I tried to go back to sleep but it was too bright outside so I never saw the end but would 11/10 recommend as my imagination can put on a good concert. Have a good April 1st lol :).

Below is how I think it looked:


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