Review: Crystal Methyd at The 1865 (30/10/2020)


Where was Crystal?

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Crystal Methyd sashayed her way to Southampton this Halloween. However, was it the spooky fest we were expecting? As much as it breaks my heart to say this, sadly not. This isn’t due to anything on Crystal’s behalf but more to do with the fact the opening acts seemed to have more showtime than her. Three queens performed alongside Crystal including Muthatucka and Plastiq. It should have been called the Muthatucka show and though she also put on a fantastic set and made the audience chuckle along the way, it was not the spooky experience the audience was sold. That was shown by the otherwise dead reaction from the crowd whenever Crystal was not onstage.

Crystal performed for a solid 20 minutes in her 1 hour and 30-minute show, the small time onstage however did not stop the fans happiness whenever she appeared. Crystal was superb as she wore some of her most iconic looks from Season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race including the Freddie Krueger inspired look which she saw her lip-sync to tracks from Beyoncé and Melanie Martinez. Crystal was amazing and adorable; she made the crowd chuckle with her antidotes of her time on Drag Race and played with the fans as they called her ‘robbed’. She is a fantastic queen and for those who love her on the show, seeing her perform live will make you fall even deeper into her spell. Not to mention she was sure to tug on our heartstrings as she made jokes about her ‘relationship’ with fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Gigi Goode, the couple we all ship.

But sadly, because of the lack of time she had onstage it just didn’t feel enough.

Klub Kids also overbooked the show meaning many fans who turned up 10 minutes after doors opened were rejected and told they will get a refund. Whilst those who were able to get in had seats right by the bar, so the view was questionable. Thankfully, I can never complain about being near the bar but there were a few individuals kicking off which put a sour tone for the start of the show.

And like with other drag shows in Southampton, some fans seem to have no respect for the performers onstage. Whilst Muthatucka was talking to the crowd, an extremely drunk fan got up from her seat and tried to give Muthatucka a drink. With government social guidelines, this goes against the 1 metre rule, however Muthatucka handled it amazing and put the girl in her place. Though, it shouldn’t be up to the performer to tell someone how to behave.

Overall, it was a fun Halloween night, but it felt like false advertising considering the very little stage time Crystal did have. It didn’t meet my expectations, but I had fun and so did the audience.

Watch Crystal’s best bits on RuPaul’s Drag Race here:


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