Keane announce hiatus after 16 years


British rock group Keane announced that they will be taking a break following the release of their Best Of in November album in order to embark on solo projects.  Singer Tom Chaplin will be working on a solo album, whereas band member Tim Rice Oxley will be devoting time to writing songs for other artists.

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Keane formed in Sussex in 1997 and signed with Island Records in 2003. Their four studio albums have all topped the UK charts, and it is anticipated that their Best Of compilation album, available on the 11th of November, will be similarly well received. The album contains hits from all four previously released albums in addition to two new songs. “I’m very proud of the variety on the ‘Best Of’,” notes Tim [Rice Oxley]. “You’ve got the Keane anthems, then something like ‘Hamburg Song’ which is deeply emotional…There’s a lyrical reflection of our lives and the way they’ve changed, in a really true way.”

In their time as a band, Keane have picked up an Ivor Novello award and two Brits. Their album Hopes and Fears was voted Number 2 in the top 100 albums of all time by Radio 2 listeners,

On Keane’s website, singer Tom Chaplin summed up the power of the band’s music: “I hope if we’ve done anything we’ve given people a sense that the world is not such a huge scary place as it can sometimes seem. That we are all in it together. To the end. So you might as well try and understand what it is to be a human being, while we’re all here.”

To celebrate the 11th November release of The Best Of Keane,  the band will be returning to Battle Memorial Hall to play a special acoustic set on 18th November. For a chance to win tickets, visit Keane’s website.


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