The Curve #3


After last week brought us Ke$ha’s haunted vagina and the Matt Cardle revealing that he used to be an escort (truly terrifying stuff for Halloween, I think you’ll agree), this week we’ve only gone and got you even better stories, including: Robin Thicke’s huge ego, Katy Perry’s weird collection and so much more…

1. Robin Musicke

Robin Thicke has announced that to help him and his wife get in the mood, they play his own music during sex. In Robin’s interview with People (US) he said “In fact, she likes to do it more than ever now. Sometimes she’ll even play groupie for me.” I’m not sure ‘Give It 2 U’ is the most romantic of tracks; but whatever floats their boats…

robin thicke

2. Glad-Tea-ator

Most of us have a favourite mug we like to use, but it turns out hard man Russell Crowe has a particular fondness for Staffordshire Pottery Mugs. The ‘Robin Hood’ star turned to Twitter and asked his 1.2million followers where he could get his hands on a rare Queen Elizabeth Coronation souvenir mug. Luckily, one of his followers works at The Gladstone Pottery museum and Mr Crowe has since been invited to see the exhibit which he described as a ‘beauty’. Seems like this ‘Cinderella Man’ found a happy ending.


3. Katy Perry the hair-collector

We all like to collect things, and I’m sure if we met some of our idols we would be tempted to take something of theirs as a souvenier. Katy Perry took it to another level at the Grammy awards – she left with locks of hair from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Only this wasn’t hair pulled from a hair brush. Apparently the ‘Firework’ singer asked both of them for some hair, and they obliged. Perry commented that she tied the hair up with bows and kept them in her purse. Maybe locks of hair from celebrities will be the new collectables – gotta clip them all.


4. You Drive Me Crazy

Britney Spears may no longer be the bubblegum princess of pop, but its hard to believe that she could scare anyone. However, it seems that there is one group that is scared of her music – Somali pirates. Apparently Miss Spears biggest tracks, such as ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ and ‘Ooops I Did It Again’ are being used by the navy to scare away pirates from supertankers along the East Coast of Africa. The explanation? It appears that “These guys can’t stand Western culture or music, making Britney’s hits perfect” according to the Metro. But before you think that potential pirates are being unduly tortured – they say they wouldn’t go as far as using Justin Bieber.

britney spears

5. Money well spent

James Blake, winner of this years prestigious Mercury Prize, has said that he’s going to spend the £20,000 prize on a crazy golf course. He joked that “The obstacles will be all the other artists in the competition just holding miniature golf clubs.” Fair enough James, I like the sound of the Rudiment-hill and Foals-holes rounds.


Words by: Andy HaywoodRebecca JamesHannah Mylrea
Images by: Claire Joines


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