First images for Marvel’s latest one shot released


Marvel have released several stills, which have been revealed by Entertainment Weekly, which show that it’s latest short movie will centre around Ben Kingsley’s character from Iron Man 3.

Sir Ben Kingsley played the central villain The Mandarin in the film, and the short will centre around his life post film. As part of one of the biggest twists in Marvel’s franchise, the Mandarin was revealed to be nothing more than an actor hired by Guy Pierce’s Aldrich Killian, named Trevor. The stills show Trevor in prison, complete with an orange jumpsuit. A polarising character, Trevor was last seen being led away by the police, delighted as the world’s media took pictures of him.

The short, which runs  at 14 minutes long, was written and directed by Drew Pearce (who co-wrote Iron Man 3 with Shane Black) and will be called All Hail the King. In the interview with Entertainment Weekly Pearce says what drew him to write more about the character: “Trevor is funny when everything else around him is serious. Trevor is a broad character, but his largest than life nature is absolutely a reality for a bunch of actors I know. The idea of Trevor feeling like he’s genuinely getting punished is kind of a thing that felt like a good starting point. Marvel movies often do this, when they play with both the bright colours of comic books and the reality of it.”

Check out the images below:

all-hail-the-king-04 all-hail-the-king-02 all-hail-the-king all-hail-the-king-03

All Hail the King will be released on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray.


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