Book of Mormon creators want to adapt their stage musical into a film


Trey Parker and Matt Stone are hoping to make a movie version of their highly successful Book of Mormon stage musical.

Since launching on Broadway in 2011, the play has received many awards and has been staged around the US and at London’s West End, with an Australian production arriving in 2017.

Speaking to IGN, the duo said they definitely want to start working on a big screen adaptation in the near future. “It’s something we want to do,” Stone said. “We don’t have any specific plans but yeah, we’d love to do it at some point.”

Parker said that the various productions around the world have given them the appetite to revisit the project.”It’s going on in three different places in three hours and like, now there’s a bunch of people in it that we’ve never met before.

Just being able to kind of get a definitive version back together sounds like a good thing. Everything about it sounds fun, we just haven’t really talked about it that much yet.”

The duo also said that they intend to keep making South Park until the show gets cancelled.

Watch the musical’s opening number, below.


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