Fox initiates 201 Days of The X-Files


Filming for the new X-Files series is well underway, so what better time to instigate a revival of the series than a worldwide re-watch? The mass countdown has been so-called, ‘201 Days of The X-Files.

The concept is simple; Starting on 7th July, Fox are encouraging old and new fans alike to dust off their DVD box sets or fire up their streaming sites to rewatch the seminal episode of the series – the Pilot. If everyone continues to watch an episode a day, their re-watch will end on the premiere of the new series.

The date ‘7.7.15’ has been floating around the X-Files fandom for the last week, with a familiar shroud of mystery that the series has always been known for – especially when it comes to new material.

And fans were not disappointed, as we were given a short promo for the new initiative that Fox have put in place to rekindle the love for the series. Another unexpected gift was given at the end of the promo in the form of a brief sneak peek of the upcoming series, giving us our first look at Mulder and Scully (played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) since 2002 – or 2008, if you count the second film in the franchise, I Want To Believe.

In this short piece of footage, the two FBI agents are seen entering a room with guns drawn and torches on, just like old times.

The new X-Files series will return with a two-night premiere starting on 24th January 2016.

Watch the announcement for ‘201 Days of The X-Files’ below.


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