Jack Black stars in new Goosebumps trailer – watch


The first trailer for the latest adaptation of Goosebumps has been released.

Hollywood has been earning itself something of a reputation for not coming up with any original material of late. In recent years, cinema has become the home of book adaptations and remakes that (arguably) need not be remade. In Goosebumps’ case, director Rob Letterman has taken book adaptation to the extreme; bringing the classic characters of the spooky books to life – right in front of their creator’s eyes.

Jack Black stars as R.L. Stine – albeit a fictional version of the author. A teen named Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) moves to a small town and becomes next door neighbours with the Goosebumps writer. One night, Zach hears screams coming from the house next door, and worries for Stine’s daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush).

Zach soon discovers manuscripts for the author’s novels, which seem to be kept locked away… and for an extremely important reason. Chaos then ensues after Zach accidentally releases all the monsters and other creepy characters from the books, resulting in a Jumanji like chase to get the monsters back into their manuscripts.

A film depicting the popular Goosebumps series has been in production for a long time – the first plan of a movie was made back in 1998, with Tim Burton originally set to direct. The novels were also previously adapted into a popular TV anthology series, which ran from 1995-1998.

Goosebumps is reportedly set to be released in the UK on 5th February 2016. Watch the trailer below.


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