Back to the Future to be made into a comic book series


In light of the recent news that Back to the Future will never be remade whilst both its creators – Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale – are still alive, what better way to make more sense of the beloved franchise than within the pages of a comic book?

Much like the recent series of comics based on The X-Files, IDW publishing will join forces with the trilogy’s executive producer, screenwriter and co-creator, Bob Gale, to bring the untold stories of the franchise to life.

These answers will be told through an anthology of short stories that will attempt to make sense of several unanswered questions littered throughout the film trilogy, like why and how Marty and Doc Brown met and the extent of Doc’s involvement with the Manhattan Project in World War II – We may even find out how Doc’s house burnt down.

In a recent interview with CBR News, Gale mentioned how he wanted to “make a comic series that would fit squarely in the ‘BTTF Universe’ but not feel like an attempt to do ‘BTTF Part 4’.” With the comic book format, there will be much more leniency and freedom in the exploration of the BTTF universe, than there would have been if Gale and Zemeckis were to create a fourth cinematic instalment.

Back to the Future was originally released thirty years ago in 1985, and later spawned two sequels in 1989 and 1991 respectively. The trilogy followed teen Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown as they travelled through different periods of time in their hometown of Hill Valley, California, using a specialised DeLorean time machine.

Watch a trailer for the entire franchise below.


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