Special Blu-ray and DVD release for all 23 Bond movies is announced


Ahead of Spectre – the upcoming film in the franchise, which is to be released on 6th November – it has been announced that all 23 of the existing James Bond films will be available to buy in a special edition box set.

While an anniversary edition box set was produced to coincide with the release of Skyfall in 2012 (celebrating the spy franchise’s 50th anniversary), The James Bond Complete Collection will contain all existing films to date. The box set’s release has been slated as 14th September, on Amazon.co.uk. In addition to the films themselves, it is set to include a book commemorating the often iconic Bond movie posters, and digital copies of all included features.

The set will also include two exclusive documentary features; The Shadow of SPECTRE, explaining the sinister history of the fictional terrorist organisation, and The Story So Far, which seeks to document Daniel Craig’s three existing outings within the role of the world’s most famous spy.

Zavvii exclusive Blu-ray Steelbooks – limited edition, collectible releases – have also been announced for some of the franchise’s most popular titles, including From Russia With Love and Casino Royale.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming film, Spectre, below.


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