Trent Reznor to score Fight Club rock opera


Nine Inch Nails founder, Trent Reznor is to be the man behind the score of an upcoming rock opera based on the 1999 film, Fight Club.

The news comes after Chuck Palahniuk – the author of the original 1996 novel – recently confirmed the rumour that he and Reznor were working with film director David Fincher to create the show. Speaking at a Comic-Con panel, Palahniuk also hinted that the show may even head to Broadway.

Reznor has become a frequent collaborator with Fincher as of late – scoring three films within his filmography: The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl. Reznor’s music is known to elevate Fincher’s dark and melancholic direction, which will surely be the case with this latest creative endeavour.

The original film starred Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter in the leading roles. The film followed an unnamed protagonist (Norton), who becomes disillusioned and discontented with life and decides to form a ‘fight club’ with Tyler Durden (Pitt) – a soap maker whom the narrator becomes dangerously attached to, along with a woman named Marla Singer (Carter).

Watch the trailer for the original film below.


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