Kim Kardashian is responsible for a big change on Twitter


We’ve all sent tweets and then realised we’ve made some deeply embarrassing typos which make us look like we need to go back to primary school. And once we’ve made the mistake, our only option is to leave it out there for all to see, or to delete and repost.

But then what if the tweet’s been retweeted? Or favourited? It moves around cyberspace quicker than you can make a cup of tea. I can spell, I promise!

Thankfully we have been saved. By a Kardashian of all people! Kim Kardashian has come to the world’s rescue and suggested to CEO Jack Dorsey that Twitter needs to introduce an editing process for its posts, similar to Facebook.

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And because it’s Kim Kardashian – a queen of social media with a total 33.8 million Twitter followers – the CEO quickly replied saying that it was “a great idea.”

The internet was, of course, extremely happy to hear this, with many tweeters stating that Kim was “doing the good work” and that this “may be the best thing [the star has]ever done.”

So let us know in the comments below, do you think this is the best thing to happen to Twitter?


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