Nostalgic News: Sherlock first aired five years ago today


The first episode of the BBC’s massively successful drama series, Sherlock, was first aired five years ago today on 25th July 2010.

The 90 minute episode, entitled ‘A Study in Pink’, was written by Steven Moffat and based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s prolific first novel, A Study In Scarlet. Moffat, who is also known for his work on Doctor Who, co-created the show with Mark Gatiss, as a shared passion project. Both self-confessed Holmes enthusiasts, the duo conceptualised the series on a number of train journeys, after realising how easily the methods and characters of Conan-Doyle’s works could be applied to a contemporary setting.

Mark-Gatiss-Martin-Freeman-Benedict-Cumberbatch-and-Steven-Moffat-sherlock-37378096-1280-853This inventive ploying with Conan-Doyle’s source material is one of the aspects of the show that has become most revered by both critics and audiences alike. The introduction of a modern fast-paced Holmes, who employs the use of his phone and the internet to solve unusual crimes was an instant hit. But of course, the real fever that quickly surrounded the show was the overnight fame and adulation awarded to it’s main cast members.

That’s right. The age of Cumberbatch truly kicked off, five years ago today. Despite being in the business for a good ten years before the show, it wasn’t until he donned that Belstaff and so eloquently divulged the Sherlockian garb, that Cumberbatch really broke through into the mainstream that he so boldly commands today. Martin Freeman, who plays the Watson to Cumberbatch’s Holmes, also achieved dizzying new heights of fame with this role. Though he found fame in The Office, Freeman was hired to play Peter Jackson’s titular Hobbit because of the director’s love for his performance in Sherlock.

Since the airing of it’s first episode, Sherlock has become one of the BBC’s most successful exports, winning everything from BAFTAs to Emmys. And despite it’s minuscule output (the show has, of yet, only produced three series – which amount to a total of nine episodes), the show has also attracted a massive fanbase, that is as dedicated as it is obsessed with the relationships between characters. The series is set to return at the end of the year with a one-off Victorian special.

Remind yourself of the episode that started it all, in the trailer below.


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