Netflix renews Sense8 for a second season


Netflix has renewed it’s original series, Sense8, for a second season.

The announcement comes after an uncomfortably long wait for fans. Season one appeared online at the beginning of June, but after strong critical reception and a 4.2/5 viewer rating, it has failed to draw audiences as widespread as those belonging to other Netflix originals. It is not, however, without meaning.

Sense8 – a play on the word ‘sensate’, meaning ‘aware’ – follows the story of eight strangers from around the world who suddenly gain a psychic connection to one another and are able to communicate across great distances, sharing both skills and emotions. All eight of these so-called sensates are exactly the same age, sharing the same birthday; which just so happenes to be the date of the series’ renewal, 8th August.

Directed by the Wachowskis (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas) and filmed on locations including Reykjavik, Seoul, Chicago, Mexico City, Mumbai and San Francisco, the show aimed to reflect elements traditionally ignored by much of modern sci-fi; sexuality, religion, gender, and politics. Hugely diverse, intricately written and with comedy and action to balance the emotional weight, today’s announcement could not have come soon enough for fans.

Watch the Sense8 cast celebrating the renewal and ‘Sense8 Day’ in the video below.


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