Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese to reunite for The Devil in the White City


Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are set to reunite once again for a new movie about a notorious Chicago serial killer.

The duo's latest project is based on the biography by Erik Larson.

The duo’s latest project is based on the biography by Erik Larson.

The Hollywood movie sensations have signed up to work together again, two years after their success on The Wolf of Wall Street. Scorsese and DiCaprio have an impressive joint filmography, previously collaborating on films such as Gangs of New York (2002), The Aviator (2004), The Departed (2006) and Shutter Island (2010).

In their latest project, The Devil in the White City, DiCaprio will play H.H. Holmes – a murderer who is estimated to have killed up to 200 people (most of which were young women), from a hotel he constructed in 1893. Against the backdrop of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, his so-called “murder castle” had its own gas chamber, crematorium and dissecting table.

Paramount won the auction to buy movie rights to Erik Larson’s book; The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair That Changed America. Screenwriter Billy Ray – who has also worked on Captain Philips and The Hunger Games – will script the movie, with DiCaprio producing. A release date has yet to be announced.

DiCaprio is said to have wanted to make a movie adaptation of Larson’s book for some time, and was first attached to the project in 2010. The highly successful actor hasn’t played many villainous roles, but will likely bring the same dark and evil nature to Holmes as he did in 2012’s Django Unchained, playing the role of erratic slave owner, Calvin Candie.

Watch the trailer for the last Scorsese-DiCaprio collaboration – The Wolf of Wall Street – below.


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