Everything you need to know about this year’s Master Pass


Back for its third year, the Master Pass has everything for the complete Freshers’ experience. The pass includes classic events such as the Big Night Out, Welcome Party, and Freshers’ Ball.

The Master Pass will get you entry to some of the biggest nights out of Freshers, including Fresherfest presented by the Students’ Union at Oceana, and the Foam Party hosted in The Cube.

As well as parties and club nights, the Master Pass also gets you entry to daytime activities and comedy nights.

The pass also includes a 10% discount across all the Student Union outlets, including The Stags (the student bar), The Bridge (which hosts quiz nights and The Laughter Lounge), The Shop, and The Café.

The Master Pass will guarantee entry to all of the events included, complete with a lanyard and a Freshers’ Schedule. In addition, your hall’s Fresher Reps will take you to and from each event. Not only this, but the pass will provide additional transport to and from the various events, with journey prices at £1 and £1.50 return.

This all-encompassing ticket has something for everyone, and will undoubtedly start your university experience with a bang!

The Master Pass is £80 and available to purchase here. Individual tickets are also available for all events from the box office.


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