MythBusters have put Breaking Bad’s finale to the test


If you’ve been living in the New Mexican desert since 2013 and still haven’t seen the entirety of Breaking Bad, then WARNING – this will spoil a major scene within the final episode.

The MythBusters team have recreated Walt’s famous M60 machine gun booby trap which he hid in the trunk of his car to efficiently kill a house of white supremacists in the series’ finale.

With the help of show creator Vince Gilligan, hosts Adam and Jamie put the implausible scene to the test. They built the trap much like Walt did in the finale, using everyday supplies that could be found in any small town; including box end wrenches, a garage door opener and a chair swivel. The duo then recreated the scene creating a facade of the room with the same materials, the same model car and wooden silhouettes to imitate the victims.

Mythbusters airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on the Discovery channel. As well as putting Breaking Bad to the test, the team are also set to explore the mysteries behind Star Wars in the coming weeks.

Did the duo end up busting this ‘myth’, or was it actually plausible? Find out in the clip below.


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