Nostalgic News: Se7en released 20 years ago today


David Fincher’s crime thriller Se7en was released in US cinemas, 20 years ago today on 22nd September 1995.

The film follows two homicide detectives, Somerset and Mills (Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt), who struggle to hunt down a serial killer by the name of John Doe (Kevin Spacey). Doe is responsible for a number of gruesome murders based heavily upon the ‘seven deadly sins’; gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, pride, lust and envy.

In order to fully comprehend the killer’s malevolent motif and anticipate the next killing on Doe’s twisted agenda, Somerset must thoroughly research the biblical scriptures. In doing so, he faces a methodical and ruthlessly callous lunatic who is, paradoxically, disgusted by people’s continual disregard for morality. The film also explores the darkest depths of the human mind, as well as the eternal struggle between good and evil.

With an extremely cruel twist ending and numerous moments that are so disturbing they feel like gut punches, Se7en has gone down in history as one of those nerve-shattering films that will not let you look away.

Se7en earned $327 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film in the 1995. As well as being a commercial success, it was also released to critical acclaim. The screenplay was nominated for a BAFTA, while the editing received an Oscar nod. The film was also very successful at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards, where it won the accolades for Best Movie, Most Desirable Male (Brad Pitt) and Best Villain (Kevin Spacey).

Remind yourself of Fincher’s brilliantly dark masterpiece in the trailer below.


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