House of Cards reveals new teaser trailer for season four – watch


Warning: This article does contain several spoilers from House of Cards Seasons 1-3. Read on at your own risk.

Netflix have revealed a new teaser for the upcoming fourth season of House of Cards. The series stars Kevin Spacey as the ruthless and terrifying anti-hero, Frank Underwood, who will stop at nothing and no-one on his rising path to power.

As of the end of the second season, Frank achieved what appeared to be his goal when he became President of the United States. But of course, getting into power is the easy part, staying in power is the difficult task. The fourth series which is coined as “giving Machiavellian a bad name” appears to revolve around Frank’s plan to stay in power, with the fictional Underwood 2016 campaign being used across America right now amidst the real-life political elections.

It appears the series, which waned slightly with a satisfactory third series, is returning to its former brilliance albeit without Underwood’s First Lady and wife Claire (played by Robin Wright) who at the climax of season 3 told her husband she would be leaving him. But Frank still has  faithful partner-in-crime and sidekick Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) to support his campaign for re-election. However “with yet more skeletons in their already-brimming closets”- both Underwood and Stamper have been involved in murders and illegal activity – this season certainly could be “a campaign to remember.”

The teaser is purposely ambiguous and vague, merely showing Stamper and Underwood “breaking ground” during the campaign trail, although one can only speculate what exactly is being dug up or indeed being buried by the two of them- perhaps the metaphorical implications of such a scene are what make it so powerful and provoking.

The fourth season of House of Cards will premiere on Netflix from 4th March 2016. Watch the teaser below.


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