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Last night’s Super Bowl festivities bombarded us with numerous trailers and ads, but one TV spot really gained our attention; Marvel released a new 42 second tease of their upcoming blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, in which the tensions between the First Avenger and Iron Man seemed to really heat up, and the divisions between our favourite superheroes were made clear. Having had some time to think it over, our writers have come together to discuss what they think about the new footage.

“This looks every bit as average as the first one and the fact that it resorts to the Twitter hash tag thing at the end was toe curling. I miss when superhero movies actually had to try in order to be successful. Now they know that they can just put a close up of any character on screen and people will go nuts and it will make a billion dollars. And this is coming from someone who has devoted themeselves to comic books since they were a little kid. I don’t think it’s negative to demand more from them when they are capable of it.” – Harrison Abbott, Culture Editor.

“I totally acknowledge that Marvel really doesn’t have to try any more to be successful, and that you can see it a little with these trailers; a lot of super cool clips just kind of shoved together. It doesn’t have to sell the story to you, only the cool action you’ll surely see, though I still have hope in the Russos. Still. Bucky Barnes shooting Tony Stark point blank in the face. That’s my aesthetic.” – Millie Cassidy, Features Editor.

“Team Iron Man, all the way – Tony Stark is getting run through the mill in this film and that breaks my heart. The film will no doubt slay my emotions, but I’m still excited for it.” – Anneka Honeyball, News Editor.

“I’m bored of seeing this already, it’s too much hype for a film that is months away. At least try and keep some things a surprise..” – Georgia Simpson, Head of Relations.

THIS LOOKS SO GOOD I WANT IT NOW.” – David Mitchell Baker, writer.

It’s probably my Marvel bias talking, but this is one of the best recent trailers in my opinion- it captures the emotion and intensity without giving too much away! I love the fact that Black Panther appears, and I’m placing bets now that Iron Man’s sixth ‘member’ will be Spidey once the licensing is resolved! HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE! – Robert Pratley, writer.

“It is a really good trailer. I hope that the movie will be as intense as the trailer and that all the marketing around it will not in fact make the movie greater that it actually is. Also, it reinforces my opinion that we will have more space for feelings in this new Marvel sequel – an aspect that was missing in Age of Ultron. And we finally have the members for both team, that’s so exciting!” – Lisa Veiber, writer.

“This is my most anticipated film of the year. I think some people have forgotten how sophisticated and brilliant Winter Soldier is, and everything about Civil War, that we have and haven’t seen (and there’s a TON we haven’t yet seen), tickles my blockbuster love bone. There’s NOTHING in this spot I dislike, but also nearly nothing new. Which is fine by me.” – George Seabrook, writer.

“I feel like we’ve already seen the film!” – Marcus Bridgland, writer.

The Verdict: It would seem we’re as divided on the superheroes on this one! Though some are getting a little underwhelmed by the mass-produced MCU train, others are just excited for the film to arrive.


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