BoomTown Fair announces OldTown district line-up


Following last week’s major line-up release, the next five weeks will see BoomTown’s nine districts begin to take shape.


The full line-up.

First up is the ancient pirate port of OldTown, the home of swashbucklers and buccaneers and the 90-ft pirate ship The Jolly Dodger. Because what’s fancy dress without pirates?

Amongst the rum-soaked taverns and salty sea dogs is a collection of the world’s finest pioneers in gypsy, Balkan beats, Klezmer and pirate music. You may be at a loss as to what that might sound like…Perhaps the best remedy is to come along and have a look?

BoomTown is the home of the raucous and surreal, so what better way to begin your weekend of discovery and fantasy then with jazz- metal trio Les Yeux d’la Tete? If not, then you can wash your rum down with Balkan electro-punk thanks to The Fat Bastard GangBand. In addition to the genre transcending ten-piece Babylon Circus and the latin flare of Los de Abajo, is the unmissable spectacle of The Invisible Circus in their Battle for BoomTown.

Amongst the sea shanties, privateers and revellers, you can expect a unique theatrical performance that will help weave chapter 8’s illustrious story.

Tickets are available here for £170 and full details of the event can be found at the Boomtown website.


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