Nostalgic News: Queen released ‘A Kind of Magic’ 30 years ago today


Queen released their single ‘A Kind of Magic’ 30 years ago today on 17th March 1986.

Thinking of the numerous hit singles that Queen have produced triggers nostalgia in most of us, taking us back to our schooldays. Originally a British rock band from the ’70s, Queen have become renowned for the variety within their music, which progressed from metal and heavy rock to more familiar pop-rock tracks that most of us will recall fondly. They are one of those bands that have a good history of releasing seemingly timeless hits that are still played to this day.

The band released ‘A Kind of Magic’ back in March 1986 as the title track of their 12th studio album of the same name. Although the song only ever reached number three in the UK charts, it is still classed as one of Queen’s most popular hits and is prominently featured in the “classic hits” albums and tributes. Originally written by Roger Taylor for the film Highlander, the song was intended to reflect the theme of immortality for the characters, with the lyrics referencing elements of the film’s theme and plot.

Queen are known for their self-stated policy that all members will be involved in song writing – the writing process behind ‘A Kind of Magic’, is therefore always a fun story for real Queen fans to tell; despite credit for the song going to Taylor, the well-known version that was used in the album was actually modified by Freddie Mercury to add a bassline and change a few lyrics to create the “pop” version that everyone knows (although Roger’s original version was used during the film’s credits). Diehard Queen fans will no doubt know this history and have seen the film, but for the rest of us, we’ll simply remember dancing shamelessly to this classic during our childhood.

Still considered as one of the most listened to Queen songs to date, remind yourself of ‘It’s A Kind of Magic’ in the video below.


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