Nostalgic News: Resident Evil was released 20 years ago today


The original Resident Evil game was first released on Playstation, 20 years ago today on 22nd March 1996.

Whilst not quite the pioneer of horror gaming that many assume it to be, the original Resident Evil  is certainly the game that helped to popularize the genre. Alone in the Dark may pre-date the iconic titan by a year, but Resident Evil built upon what that title established and set up the survival-horror conventions that have subsequently lasted for years.

A remake later followed in 2002 with a remaster of that remake then arriving in 2015, however the original game is where it all started. Perfect pacing, challenging puzzles and unforgiving combat combine with memorable boss fights and some of the best shock scares ever (including those from film), to make a game that not only influenced everything that proceeded it – from Silent Hill to Dead Space – but also remarkably managed to stand the test of time (bar the gloriously awful voice acting).

Remind yourself of the original intro to the game below.


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