Russo Bros confirm name change for Avengers: Infinity War films


Given the recent success of Captain America: Civil War, it is unsurprising that Marvel were keen to assign the Russo Bros to direct further films in the series. Most notably, these films include the climatic Infinity War arc which has been split into two parts. But speaking in an interview to Uproxx, Anthony and Joe Russo confirmed that the films will have alternate titles than the current placeholders: Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2.

Joe Russo in particular, was very keen to distinguish the two-parter as “two very different movies”, stating that anything overwise was “misleading.” The director duo then went on to confirm their intention is to change each part to have unique names, but stressed they haven’t come up with any titles yet.

So why is this relevant? They were especially keen to point out they would re-title the films and this leads me to theorise they will also be editing and re-writing the storyline significantly; as they have done with Civil War. Little is known about the Infinity War arc, apart from the fact that the cosmic warlord Thanos will be the key villain, with his infinity stones quest finally coming to fruition. Although I don’t want to speculate, the first film might potentially have some ridiculously ambiguous title like ‘Infinity War: Reckoning’, with the second film having a more violent and threatening outlook. Hopefully they will make a good choice.

Infinity War: Part 1 hits cinemas on 4th May 2018, with the follow up being released on 3rd May 2019.


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