Elizabeth Henstridge teases ‘darker and sexier’ Agents of SHIELD in series 4


With Agents of SHIELD series 3 about to conclude in the UK with its dramatic two-parter, it is fair to say Marvel’s first ever spin-off series has certainly improved dramatically from the early days, with more detailed plots and finer attention to detail, not to mention the development of interesting antagonists such as Hive. Looking to the future, however, it has been suggested that the Marvel hit may take a different turn.

During a panel at MCM Comic Con London, Elizabeth Henstridge, who plays scientist agent Gemma Simmons, hinted that the show will take a darker turn in the next series: “I think we’ve got progressively darker each season and it’s great to be able to push those boundaries a little bit.”

When questioned about what exactly the plot of series 4 would consist of, Henstridge was tight lipped, but did say that: “the writers are excited, because they’ll be able to maybe get a little bit sexy… throw in some good swearing!”

An equally important question for the fourth series was posed to Nick Blood, who played Lance Hunter until his shock departure in the third series in order to prepare for spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted (before the project was scrapped after pilot stages.) When asked if Hunter and Morse could return to the flagship show, Blood quipped: “if I did know anything… I couldn’t tell you!’

With the conclusion of an excellent third season, fans will have to patiently wait to see exactly what Marvel’s writers can come up with. The promise of darker storylines does bode well on recent evidence from shows like Daredevil, but one does have to wonder if Agents of SHIELD really has that demographic.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Series 4 will premiere in the UK later this year. In the meantime, check out the cast discussing these topics and more in the video below.


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