Mark Gatiss confirmed as writer for Doctor Who: Series 10


Mark Gatiss has confirmed he is writing a new episode for the tenth series of acclaimed British television show, Doctor Who, which will hit screens in 2017.

Gatiss, who has written nine episodes of the BBC sci-fi and is also the co-creator of Sherlock, has stated that he is keen to write for the new series and will potentially create a follow-up to his last episode, ‘Sleep No More’ – one of the only single-parted episodes of the show’s ninth series last year.

Talking to Digital Spy, Gatiss said: “The thing about this stage of planning a new season is there’s all kinds of things being thrown at the wall, so we’ll see. I’d love to do a sequel though, I really would.”

The writer and actor also revealed how it took some time to get used to the reboot’s new 45 minute format, which has been the show’s default since its return to screens back in 2005. It differs from its original six and eight-part story-arc structure, but he says the new format now seems natural to him, as his episode count reaches almost double figures.

Gatiss, who has also had several acting roles in the programme throughout the years, first wrote for Doctor Who in 2005, penning the critically acclaimed ‘The Unquiet Dead’ for Series One, and has since worked closely with head-writers Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat.

But who knows how his new episode will pan out? Only time can tell…

Doctor Who returns to our screens this Christmas on BBC One, with a full series to follow in 2017. A spin-off, Class, debuts in late 2016. You can see a preview of the new companion below:


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