Captain America star Sebastian Stan hints at Black Panther return for Bucky


Captain America star, Sebastian Stan has hinted that his character, Bucky – otherwise known as James Buchanan Barnes – will be reappearing next on the big screen in Black Panther.

In this report from the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, Stan teased that his character could be reappearing in the 2018 film, Black Panther alongside the likes of Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan.

Stan said: “I don’t know, man. I mean, there’s obviously a very clear answer, but I’m not going to maybe say it now. Where did he end up at the end of the movie? That’s the movie he should be in, I think. I feel like that would be the natural… but I don’t know. I don’t know anything.”

The character last appeared in a post-credits scene following the latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War. Bucky agreed to be cryogenically preserved in the Wakandan facility until the brainwashing technique that makes him The Winter Soldier could be reversed. This scene appears to have set Stan’s inclusion in Black Panther up perfectly with Captain America’s warning that people will come after Bucky to which Boseman’s T’Challa declares: “Let them try.”

Black Panther is currently scheduled for release on 9th February 2018 in the UK. You can see both Stan and Boseman in action below:


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