Kristen Stewart pitches female James Bond


Twilight star Kristen Stewart has thrown her backing behind a female James Bond.

Speaking to ENews, Stewart called the concept of a middle-age white male playing the iconic spy: “a little stale” while promoting new film Equals, with co-star Nicholas Hoult.

Stewart then continued on to suggest how the female Bond could be introduced in the film, saying: “You start off as the Bond girl and then you think it’s just the girlfriend and then you’re like, ‘She’s actually [Bond].” She suggested for marketing, “In the trailer, it’s him and then [a]bait and switch.”

Despite the recent calls for a female Bond, the majority of fans still consider it unlikely, with Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy the favourites to take over the role from Daniel Craig, who confirmed SPECTRE will be his final film in the role. Critics have also suggested that a brand new female character in the mould of 007 could instead be implemented.

Equals stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, and hits cinemas on 22nd July 2016. Watch the trailer below:


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