Dane Cook cast in Bryan Fuller’s American Gods adaptation


Actor and stand-up comedian Dane Cook has been cast in the upcoming television adaptation of American Gods. 

Dane Cook is most known for his appearances on Comedy Central and comedy albums, but has recently also made his directorial debut with his play Troublemaker.

Cook is set to portray Robbie, the best friend of protagonist Shadow Moon. Robbie is also married to Audrey, who is the best friend of Shadow’s wife Laura, who will be portrayed by Emily Browning. Robbie doesn’t appear much within Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series of the same name, but if the show ends up anything like Fuller’s last foray in television with NBC’s Hannibal; he’ll be able to do a lot more with Robbie.

American God follows the story of ex-con Shadow Moon, who is caught up in a war between the mythological Old Gods and the New Gods – the New Gods being based on society’s obsession with technology, celebrities, drugs and media.

Bryan Fuller’s adaptation is also set to star Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover, Gillian Anderson and Pablo Schreiber.

American Gods is set to premiere in 2017. See Dane Cook in action below:


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