Rick and Morty creator teases epic season 3


Co-creator and executive producer of AdultSwim’s hit TV Show Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have revealed that the show’s third season will be “the most epic so far” and have named Vin Diesel, Gary Oldman and Dom DeLuise as possible and hopeful guest stars, at the recent San Diego Comic-Con on Friday.

The pair were relatively coy about where the next season is headed in terms of plot and story, which last saw sociopathic yet loveable scientist Rick being detained in a maximum security prison, whilst Morty and his family return to an unfamiliar Earth, now part of the Galactic Federation, unaware of Rick’s whereabouts and actions. Talk about emotional cliffhangers.

Tiptoeing through a minefield of potential spoilers, Harmon mentioned that the season’s creation has been a creative challenge, albeit a welcomed one, and that the season three premiere has: “been changed a thousand times. Episode 301 is the least compatible with the new viewer because we have so many loose ends to tie up,” he continued, remarking that the show will continue to defy genre expectation and boundaries and won’t let pre-established story arcs shackle down future twists and turns.

Roiland, who also voices the two central characters, revealed his dream guest star as well, which for the first two seasons was David Bowie. However as: “sadly that won’t happen now,” Dom DeLuise “would be nice, or Gary Oldman.” Harmon, on the other hand, had his heart set on Vin Diesel, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, The Iron Giant, and the Fast and Furious saga.

Sadly, we will have to wait to see which of these glorious unions will come into fruition as Rick and Morty season three still has no fixed airdate and Harmon has refuted speculation that we would see its return in August this year.

Watch the trailer for the previous season below:


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