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The first Sherlock season four trailer has dropped, and it has sent it’s long suffering fans into overdrive. Having now had to wait an absurd amount of time for the next season, rumours are of course rife as to what we can expect to happen. The trailer certainly looks a lot darker and potentially dangerous than the previous three seasons, with Sherlock appearing genuinely vulnerable, not to mention the people that he cares about also being under significant threat. With the apparent return of Moriarty, which almost seemed impossible considering he blew his brains out, and having also returned from his exile, it is clear Sherlock is perhaps not the most wanted man in town. Here, our writers have stated what they think will happen.

This season is going to hurt me, I know it. I’m genuinely panicked about what could have happened to make Sherlock gasp in such harrowing, devastated shock like that. Is Moriarty back? HAVE THEY DONE SOMETHING TO JOHN? OR MARY? OR THE BABY? Also Toby Jones’ new villain looks like a right slimy git – which is great. It’s a really action packed trailer which teases to the point of torture and I need 2017 to hurry up and get here already!” – Anneka Honeyball, Editor

“Oh hey, Bumblesnick Crème Brulee is back again.” Ashleigh Millman, Deputy Editor

“A slightly cliché trailer if you ask me, what with the ‘something’s coming’ and ‘everyone is under threat’ lines. Not that I’m still not eagerly waiting for whenever in 2017 we are allowed our next dose of Sherlock. A purposeful medical reference there as the clinical hospital settings in the trailer are actually what intrigued me the most. Is it physical or rather mental injuries we should be worried about? Something in Sherlock’s eyes at that point tells me the latter. Only one way to find out…” – Olivia Krauze, Writer

“I can’t help but feel that they are upping the ‘drama drama drama’ stakes a bit much here – Sherlock has always stood on the intricacy of its story telling, not going ‘oooh look an explosion’, especially with the ‘something is coming business’. That being said, I loved the Christmas episode, and am excited to see the route they go down this season, just hoping for more modern spins on classic Holmes tales, as those are the episodes that I love best!” – Becca James, Writer 

Looks like a good season ahead by this trailer! Loving Ms Hudson’s (Una Stubbs) strength when she sizes up Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) – she’s a personal favourite of mine but is always forgotten in favour of the understandably bigger characters. However, it just hope we don’t have a repeat of 2016’s (dire) New Year special where it all just got too timey-wimey for me. It certainly doesn’t need the same mistakes Moffat made with Doctor Who, alienating viewers that simply don’t have the time or the effort to try and understand storylines that wrap themselves in knots.”- James Barker, Culture Editor

“I think we’re entering a dark era in Sherlock’s life. I am afraid that some character might get hurt (please not John, Sherlock would not bear it). Though I’m afraid that they’ll go too far with all the madness and the action. Also, I fear the explanation of Moriarty’s message, but I feel confident that Gatiss and Moffat will give us a coherent answer. I am happy with my favourite lady (Ms Hudson) clash with Mycroft. Plus, the new villain looks wicked. I guess we’ll have to wait until 2017 to find out what will happen to Sherlock and if all the ‘third brother’ rumours are true. It’s a really great trailer that makes you want to be next year already.”- Lisa Veiber, Writer

“What surprises me is how venomous Mrs Hudson is in the trailer. She genuinely snarls. That is pretty shocking. But aside from that, looks awesome, more tense and more dangerous for him. Could be death on the horizon.” Robert Pratley, News Editor

The Verdict: Dark days ahead for our sociopath protagonist, but some of our writers dislike this new ‘high-drama’ style from Moffat et al. Mind you, its not the first time Moffat has annoyed a fanbase.

Watch the trailer for Sherlock: Season 4 below, and see what you think:


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