Major UK film studio set to be sold


Pinewood Studios, which recently have been filming locations for Spectre and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are set to be sold to an investment group.

The Pinewood Group’s two largest shareholders today announced plans to sell the television and film studio to investment group Aermont, provided they can prove they can finance the £323.3 million deal in the forthcoming weeks.

Pinewood is particularly known for its work involving the Bond franchise, with significant proportions of Spectre and Skyfall having both been filmed on the custom-built signature 007 production stage. Pinewood studios is also known for giving young up-coming producers and media graduates chances to display their skill, an attribute which has made them very popular with the younger market. They also have a successful apprenticeship programme.

Thankfully for those involved, Aermont intend to leave the structure of the company in place, and leave Chief Executive Ivan Dunleavy in charge. But on a less-positive note, it is another blow for traditional independent production being overtaken by larger firms, despite having notable films produced at the location.

Pinewood Studios sale is set to take place shortly. Watch the trailer for Spectre, one of the most famous films recently produced there below:


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