Guardians of the Galaxy writer joins Pokémon Live Action Movie


The writer of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Nicole Perlman has been signed on to write the recently announced live action Pokémon film.

It was announced several weeks ago that the film would be based on the Pokémon spin-off game Detective Pikachu. While released in Japan last February, the game has yet to receive an English release. The game follows a unique talking Pikachu that solves crimes in a city populated by Pokémon. It is an interesting choice for the film, as the traditional Pokémon concepts of battling, trading and catching are absent from the game.

Headed by Legendary Studios, Detective Pikachu has yet to receive a release date. However, Pokémon Trainers around the world can’t wait to catch more news on the project!

Watch the trailer for the original game below:


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