Ben Affleck confirms new villain for Batman film


Ben Affleck has tweeted a video today on his twitter account which appears to confirm Deathstroke’s arrival in the DC movie universe, starting with his solo Batman film. He is set to fulfill the role as main antagonist.

The actor, who plays Batman in the DC Movie universe tweeted the video which appears to showcase Deathstroke’s arrival in the films. Clad in a menacing and orange armour, he menacingly stares down the crosshairs in the short video, before staring coldly into the camera, before zooming in to focus on his orange and black stripe helmet and katana strapped to his back. The video can be seen at this link.

Deathstroke has long been a part of the Disney Comic universe, having been first introduced in New Teen Titans in December 1980. Since then he has been portrayed most recently in DC’s original series of Arrow, where he has been incarnated as both Bill Wintergreen and Slade Wilson, and played by Jeffrey Robinson and Manu Bennett respectively. It is currently unknown whether Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke would be the incarnation appearing in the Batman film, and whether this would continue into the Justice League film, or if the role would be filled by a different actor.

Watch Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke in Arrow below:


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