AC/DC Manager discusses band critics


Beta Mebeis, Axl Rose’s manager says haters need to ‘grow up’ and ‘stop being so selfish’.

Rose has been criticised since joining AC/DC to sing in May, after Brian Johnson had to quit due to hearing problems. Fans have called him unsuitable, and questioned how committed he is due to the impending Guns N’ Roses tour.

Lebeis has said of such critics: “Do the band a favour – don’t come or watch any shows. They don’t need assholes like you around. You’re an illness to both bands… For God’s sake, appreciate what’s up there and stop being so selfish. Grow up and stop complaining… I guess haters will always be haters, and have nothing better to do than shit on other people.” Following a backlash from disgruntled fans, she then deleted the Instagram posts that she wrote this on.

AC/DC are currently touring, with the current tour set to finish in Philadelphia on 20th September. Paul Rudd, their former drummer, has refused to go back if Rose is still there citing him as impossible to work with. Check out the band performing below:


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