Groundhog Day musical is moving to Broadway


The Groundhog Day musical is moving to Broadway following rave reviews of performances during August and September at the Old Vic in London.

Writer Tim Minchin has been working on it for four years – Groundhog Day is based on the film about a man who is made to relive the same day over and over again. Tim thinks it is better suited to stage saying: “The concept of a person trapped in a day, trapped in a world, the parameters of which they don’t understand, it screams theatre.”

Minchin was constantly asked if it will be the same song sang over and over again, which he’s getting frustrated by: “Songs in a musical illuminate the state of mind of the person singing. The music can’t repeat all the time because the state of mind of the character isn’t the same. Even though there is repetition in the world that he is in, his state of mind alters dramatically and so what he sings is going to change. The idea that you are singing the same song is absurd.”

Groundhog Day will open on Broadway next year. The London run will end on September 19th and it isn’t known yet if any cast from the London show will be transferred to New York’s Great White Way. Check out Minchin talking about the production below:


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