Dave Grohl reportedly working on new album


It’s no surprise that Dave Grohl is never not working on a music project, but recent rumors have suggested that Grohl is working on music…but not with the Foo’s.

This isn’t as surprising as the media are making it out to be, as Grohl has at least two known solo projects under his belt. The first being his stint as a composer for the 1997 film Touch, and his 2004 heavy metal side project Probot, in which he enlisted the help of various metal singers he admired, supplying them with instrumentals he had written to fit to their style.

The ‘new record’ rumors have arisen after musician Damien Curry uploaded a photo to Instagram with the caption: “Not a bad way to start the day. I don’t ever really care too much for ‘famous’ musicians, but my close friends known how gangster I am about Nirvana and this guy! #DaveGrohl Talked about our kids, his new record, producing…man…what a kool kat. The 12 year old in me just lost his shit. #Nirvana #FooFighters #rocknroll #music”

The fuel has been added to the fire further by producer Butch Vig suggesting that Grohl was working on new music back in March. Grohl has previously stated that he hasn’t got any intention of going solo, even though Foo Fighters are on “hiatus” (‘hiatus’ being a loose term with this band, it never lasts), Grohl has already teased plans for the next Foo Fighters record.

For all intents and purposes, this ‘record’ could be Grohl playing around with demos as he has done since the early days (ala his cassette album Pocketwatch under the pseudonym Late! back when he was in Nirvana). Or it could be a contribution to a film score, we’ll never know until Grohl himself reveals it.

Listen to one of Grohl’s contributions to the Touch soundtrack below.


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