Hull City of Culture to honor guitarist Mick Ronson


Legendary guitarist Mick Ronson is to be celebrated at this years Hull City of Culture.

Hull-born Ronson is most notable for his role and formation of David Bowie’s backing band, Spiders From Mars. But he also garnered critical and commercial success through collaborations with multiple acclaimed musicians such as Morrissey, Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, and through his own solo records.

The project Turn and Face the Strange will be performed in Hull, written by Rupert Creed and Gary Burnett. A spokesman for the project says that the project will go: “beneath the known narratives of Mick Ronson’s partnership with David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars”, adding that “It will tell the story of how a working class boy from Greatfield Estate cam to challenge the norms and expectations of his time and place of origin, to play a pivotal role in creating a new music and social culture.”

Creed has also stated that “The project will engage and connect Hull resident from Greatfield Estate and across the city, recording and sharing audio stories and memories, personal photographs and memorabilia,” he says. “We will gather memories of gigs, record his impact as role model and icon on the lives of Hull residents and beyond.”

Turn and Face the Strange will eventually be performed in August 2017, and will be one of the 60 projects taking place in Hull as part of the 2017 Creative Communities Programme. The full-line up for the City of Culture will be announced on Thursday (22 September).

Watch Ronson perform with Bowie below.


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