Nostalgic News: Crocodile Dundee was released 30 years ago today


As unbelievable as it seems Crocodile Dundee, the 1986 film which entertains and inspires whoever sees it, was officially released thirty years ago today on 26th September.

The film follows Mick Dundee and Sue Charlton as they explore each other’s worlds in the Australian outback and New York City. The story begins when Charlton travels to Walkabout Creek in Australia to interview Dundee, who has reportedly been attacked by a crocodile and lost half his leg. While Dundee is scarred, he is otherwise unharmed and the two set about on a trip through the outback so Charlton can see where the attack happened, and discover how Dundee got away. On this trip the two face the usual perils of the outback and somewhat stereotypically, end up falling in love. Following this, Dundee accompanies Sue to New York while she finishes her story. Bemused by the driving, the drugs and the people Dundee finds himself out of depth as he explores the city.

In a modern era of big budget films that all have similar love stories and obvious action sequences a film so simple and charming as Crocodile Dundee reaches audiences in a way that just can’t be found in cinemas nowadays. The film has a plot both simple and yet surprising and a cast that can all act and works well together, already making this film a rare commodity. However it is the character of Mick Dundee who really makes this film so enjoyable. He was the quintessential Australian of his era; funny, charming and utterly irresistible, making for one of the greatest characters yet to grace screens. While Paul Hogan who plays Dundee may not be as obviously attractive or young as many of the new ‘hunks’ in films today, he exudes a charisma and charm that is rarely equalled in modern cinema.

Crocodile Dundee is a film which stands against the modern formula that studio’s think make successful films. It didn’t have an all-star cast, in fact it was the first major film for both leading roles. Nor did the film have much action, and the scenes it did have were rarely direct fighting. The film did have the expected love story, however there were no explicit scenes or nudity. Despite this Crocodile Dundee achieved great success making a total gross of $328,203,506 worldwide so far.

Crocodile Dundee’s strong fan base thirty years after it’s release highlights how beloved this quirky film is and how going against the grain can sometimes be better for a film than merely following the formula. Rather than merely entertaining Crocodile Dundee acts to remind modern audiences of what a film can be.

Crocodile Dundee stars Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski and John Meillon.

Watch the trailer below.


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