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“Tis the season to spend money, fa la la la la, la la la la.” Or at least that’s what all the shops want you to think. It’s the run up to Christmas, and as such, the advertising arms-race that is Christmas adverts has begun, heralded by the new John Lewis advert, featuring our new canine companion Buster the Boxer. But was this the perfect gift, or did it sink like coal in a stocking? Below, our writers give their views on the ad’s offering.

‘A chilling metaphor for patriarchal subjugation and suppression of the hopes and dreams of women, starting at a young age. The trampoline is the glass ceiling, and Buster’s glee in jumping all over it in front of the girls shocked face is palpable, chilling. A dour prophecy.’ – Declan James-Rivett Cochran, Writer.

‘Ah, Vaults. What was once so promisingly (and startlingly) theatrical has now been watered down to nothing more than a pathetic cover of Randy Crawford. At least the animals are cute.’ – Xavier Voigt-Hill, Records Editor.

‘Look, I know I’m a curmudgeonly old bastard, but even you disgustingly youthful sods must remember the John Lewis advert of 2010. It was just a bunch of people wrapping presents to Ellie Goulding’s cover of “Your Song” by Elton John, culminating in a small boy bringing a wrapped gift to his dog out in the snow covered garden. And you know what, I cry every time I watch it. I cry just talking about it! It was simple and beautiful and moving and every advert since then has been a pale imitation, trying too hard to wring a tear from the eye whilst being simultaneously (and ironically) devoid of any genuine emotion. And this latest, “self-aware”, dog bouncing travesty is no bloody exception! Yours sincerely, The Edge’s cultural Luddite.’– Joshua Harris, Writer.

‘I didn’t hate it as much as the rest of The Edge/ the country seemingly did! Sure, it’s nowhere near in the calibre of the earlier John Lewis Christmas ads, but I wasn’t expecting it to be. I just wanted it to be something cute and happy that makes me excited for Christmas, and this did that.’ Rehana Nurmahi, Features Editor.

‘I found this year’s ad to be a lot more heartwarming – The Man on the Moon was a little bleak. And as Sainsburys proved with their Mog advert last year, cute animals doing silly things are the best way to capture our hearts. That said, I’m not a huge fan of the song this year. It’s nowhere near as catchy as previous efforts. They should have done a festive rendition of House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ – I’d have liked that better.– Anneka Honeyball, Editor.

‘This year’s much anticipated John Lewis advert is just another letdown in the train wreck that has been 2016. I just feel ambivalent about the entire thing. The only redeeming aspects of this was the adorable Buster the Boxer and the poor man on Twitter, also, coincidentally, called John Lewis, who has been fielding thousands of responses to the yearly ad for about half a decade… Otherwise, this year has certainly been underwhelming.’ – Holly Hammond, Writer.

‘What a nice advert! Joyously, this one isn’t trying to be a two minute entry into the Cannes Film Festival. All the more charming for not trying too hard. Not the insipid, grandiose or sanctimonious offerings of the last few years – just something sweet, and heartwarming, that I look forward to seeing on the telly this festive season.’– Millie Cassidy, Writer.

It’s nice… but I can’t help but think the fake one done by that Sixth Form student was actually a better one.’– Robert Pratley, News Editor.

‘From the ashes of a Brexit and Trump ravaged world, we drag ourselves to our screens to clinch on to one last piece of hope and happiness in this futile and dying world; the John Lewis Christmas advert, forever our beacon and our savior. But even Jesus wept, for this year the advert hath fallen short of our lofty and joyous expectations. A dog on a trampoline? Is this all that the mighty Mr Lewis can muster? …This is the way the world ends… This is the way the world ends…’– David Mitchell-Baker, Writer. 

‘I prefer Aldi’s carrot based satire in response to Mr Lewis. As an aside, the M&S one trumps all over the JL one. – Marcus Bridgland, Writer.

‘I haven’t watched it and won’t watch it – they are all cringey and soooo overrated.’ – Conor Kavanagh, Gaming Executive/Grinch. 

‘PUPPY- HE’S SO HAPPY.’ – Carly-May Kavanagh, Live Editor.

The Verdict: So there you have it. Buster gets a very mixed bag: some people think it’s heartwarming and simple, others think it doesn’t cut the mustard, and someone thinks it is a sign that the world is ending. Why not watch the advert below and make up your own mind as to which of the three is most probable?


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