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Last weekend saw the release of the first full trailer for the titular web-spinner’s first trailer for his newest film, Spiderman: Homecoming. Unlike previous Spiderman films, this one is set fully in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will feature a cameo from Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man as Peter Parker’s mentor. But does the trailer fly high, or is it just the same old yarn being spun? Below, the Edgelings give their view on this trailer:

‘Let’s be honest: we’re all sceptical, we’re all gonna compare it to the Sam Raimi films, we’re all gonna question Michael Keaton as The Vulture. And, like every Marvel film, we’re all gonna buy our tickets and love it all the same.’– Rob Tucker, Writer

‘I think Tom Holland looks really promising as Spider-Man. But with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man we already saw a different version that was really mouthy and had a lot more personality than Toby Maguire. So, it will be interesting to see if this is a more original version of spidey. While Tom Holland will probably be great in the role, I can’t really see the film being anything particularly special- hopefully I’m wrong though!’– Hollie Geraghty, Film Editor

‘I’m so unexcited for this film. I, genuinely, don’t think I could be any less enthusiastic. Whilst, yes, the trailer had a few good moments, some of the jokes felt overdone and Vulture just looks like a dodgy villain out of Scooby Doo. I’ll watch it because Robert Downey Jr. is in it, but otherwise, this is one film I’ve not been looking forward to ever since the ominous ‘Spider-Man will return’ message at the end of Captain America: Civil War.’– Holly Hammond, Writer

‘Even the foreboding amount of Tony Stark can’t ruin this for me. Whether it’s the music, the setting, or the fact that Holland actually looks like a bloody high school student for once, the charm that was missing from his Civil War appearance seems to be present. I’m looking forward to a small-scale low-stakes superhero movie, for once.’- Millie Cassidy, Writer

‘Maybe it’s the Marvel cynic within me, but this film couldn’t look more different to the overhyped, frustratingly worshiped Captain Americas, Iron Mans and Avengers before it – and as a result looks far more promising. Tom Holland seems charming enough as Spider-Man, and Zendaya looks promisingly untraditional as dull ol’ Mary Jane. I have no problem with Tony Stark’s appearance in the film – in fact, it fits his character arc to want to teach a new superhero how to do ‘superheroing’ right – as long, of course, he doesn’t take over the film by getting involved in the fight scenes. I might go watch this one. I probably won’t.’– James Barker, Culture Editor

‘I’m just so sick of Spiderman remakes. YOU CAN’T STICK ROBERT DOWNEY JR. IN A TRAILER AND SELL IT THROUGH HIM.’– Carly-May Kavanagh, Live Editor

‘Tom Holland as Spiderman is bae. This film will be fab. That’s alls I gotta say.’– Rehana Nurmahi, Features Editor

‘For once something does actually look good and the whole point of having Spider-Man in the MCU is to have the characters be apart of Peter Parkers world. Since Tony Stark was already playing the father role in civil war I don’t know why anyone would complain that he is in this film – in this world he’s the only reason Spider-Man got his suit’– Conor Kavanagh, Culture Exec (Wait, he actually liked something?!…)

Is no one else entirely bored of the spiderman remakes?! I don’t have it in me to care about this and the dialogue/’hilarious cool guy jokes’ make me cringe into the next dimension.’– Ashleigh Millman, Deputy Editor

‘Feel the slight superhero fatigue setting in. Whilst it does absolutely look and feel comic-book authentic, can I really be arsed for another quip filled, weak villain plagued, somewhat overstuffed and formulaic entry in the marvel cannon, probably? The apathy is strong with this one.’– Eddie Tesfay, Writer

‘I can’t help but feel like the youth humour here is very forced. It doesn’t feel that authentic to me. I’m also not convinced from what little we saw of Michael Keaton’s villain (unless you look at it from an imaginary canon in which he’s actually playing Batman again). I just can’t help but feel underwhelmed by yet another Peter Parker story – even the addition of the charisma machine that is RDJ isn’t really sparking my interest.’– Anneka Honeyball, Editor

‘As much as I love our usual big and dramatic superhero movies from marvel it’s refreshing to see Holland as a “lowkey” hero. He seems to fit the role well but still gives it something new as with his co star Zendaya. Being refreshing and new will be pretty important for this movie with all the spiderman remakes we have had. Probably won’t see it in cinema although.’– Fern Bowdery, Writer

‘A really promising trailer and Holland already seems much more likeable as Spiderman. Also, props to Sony/Marvel for not just trying to ram the Green Goblin into the film and realising that Spidey has more enemies than him and Dr Octopus!’– Rob Pratley, News Editor

‘My biggest positive about this is how they’re taking a different approach; A John Hughes-type Superhero movie? Count me in! Holland was fantastic in Civil War so I have high hopes for his full feature, looks like Downey Jnr has a fun little role as well, the chemistry with Jacob Batalon looks great and the action looks pretty great. Excited but nervous for Michael Keaton as Vulture, hopefully they’ll give him a proper role and development, Keaton’s on too big of a career role to be underutilized. The rest of the cast is great (spot Donald Glover’s brief appearance) and Marvel arguably haven’t made a semi-sub par movie since 2013 so chalk my expectations up at pretty damn high.’- David Mitchell-Baker, Writer

‘Gunna give this one a miss. Found him really annoying in Civil War and the trailer seems much the same. Not for me.’– Jordan Brown, Writer

‘Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made for a great addition to Team Tony in Civil War, but given his presence functioned primarily to provide some comic-relief in an otherwise dark and broody movie I was left questioning whether this Spider-Man could handle a solo-outing. The trailer is fantastic and exciting but sadly this is the one Marvel property that has me feeling the most nervous. Whereas the Guardians and Doctor Strange enjoyed relatively solitary journeys into the MCU, without the presence of The Avengers to draw fans into the cinema, Tony Stark’s overbearing presence makes me wonder just how much faith the studio has in this latest Spider-Man reboot. Marvel has enjoyed an incredibly successful run over the past few years but no success story is without its stumbles.’– Laura Woodhouse, Writer

The Verdict: A real mixed bag here- some people really like the idea of Tom Holland as Spiderman and think Downey Jr. will add a lot to the film, but others think he will overpower it and it won’t feel like a Spiderman film. And some people just hate the fact we are getting ANOTHER Spiderman film.

Spiderman: Homecoming is released on 7th July 2017. Check out the trailer below and see what you think:


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