HBO releases new teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Season Seven- Watch


In a surprising move by HBO, the studio has released a new teaser for GOT Season 7, featuring our first glimpse of key players without so much as an announcement tweet.

In the new clip, we see the three rulers of Westeros striding through their halls as they make their way to their respective thrones.  As they approach the thrones, the royals find themselves cloaked in darkness, with Jon Snow looking as broody as ever, whilst Cersei oozes supremacy. After the events of the previous season, it will be interesting to see her character develop, but judging by her dark attire she still has vengeance on her mind.

The most exciting moment is Daenerys taking her seat at Dragonstone, the ancestral home of the Targaryens. Is this just promotional fluff or will Daenerys finally make it to Westeros?

Despite the hype, the first teaser for Game of Thrones’ seventh season left a lot of fans feeling a little unsatisfied because of the lack of new footage.

Winter is here, and July cannot come fast enough. Watch the teaser below.


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