Eminem drops surprise album Kamikaze


Eminem has surprised fans and critics alike, by dropping his 10th studio album, Kamikaze, overnight. The 45-minute album, containing 13 tracks, attacks President Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Tyler, the Creator, to name a few.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, tweeted the album at 4:10am with the caption, ‘Tried not 2 overthink this 1…enjoy’. Despite the surprise release, the album was trending at number one within half of an hour. This comes a year after his comeback album, Revival, which received a number of poor reviews from critics.

The album has mostly been received well amongst fans, especially for its artwork. There have also been a number of comments about how this album is more like his earlier work. However, a few have criticised a homophobic phrase used in reference to Tyler, the Creator. Although, it is unclear whether this is in reference to the fact that Tyler, the Creator has used the term about himself before.

To listen to the title song of the album, Kamikaze, click on the link below: 


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