YouTuber and singer, Dodie hides ‘secret song’ in online videos


Over the past nine months, YouTuber and singer, Dodie, has included tiny snippets of melodies in her videos, amounting to one of the singles she has just released on her new EP, Human. The song, entitled ‘Arms Folding’, was intended to give the track a “scrapbook style”, according to Dodie.

With over a million subscribers, Dodie’s creative project amazed her fans. Speaking about the secret project, Dodie explained: “I didn’t know just how long this was going to take, or just how hard it was going to be. But here we are, at the end of nine months, I have made a baby of sorts…a secret scrapbook song made from words hidden in my videos.”

Dodie’s last two EPs have peaked at 35th and sixth on the UK charts, with Human expected to peak higher than both of these. Looking at the midweek charts, it is already at number three.

Click on the link below to listen to the title track, ‘Human’, on the new EP:


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