A Clockwork Orange ‘sequel’ discovered


A previously unseen manuscript for a follow-up to Anthony Burgess’ most popular novel, A Clockwork Orange has been discovered in his archive. The novel, entitled A Clockwork Condition, is a combination of Burgess’ thoughts on the human condition as well developing themes he talked about in A Clockwork Orange. The latest find has been described as “part philosophical reflection and part autobiography”. The manuscript was found among papers at Burgess’ house in Bracciano, near Rome.

Burgess also addresses the controversy surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of the novel, in his 1971 motion picture of the same name. Despite its controversy – indeed, the film was banned by local councils upon its first release – it was a huge box office success. It was even nominated for best picture at the Oscars. It is currently enjoying a nationwide re-release in UK cinemas.

Discussing A Clockwork Orange before his death in 1993, Burgess described the novel as a “major philosophical statement on the contemporary human condition”, outlining his concerns about the effect on humanity of technology, in particular, media, film and television.

Professor Andrew Biswell, director of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, said that: “This remarkable unpublished sequel to A Clockwork Orange sheds new light on Burgess, Kubrick and the controversy surrounding the notorious novel. The Clockwork Condition provides a context for Burgess’ most famous work, and amplifies his views on crime, punishment and the possible corrupting effects of visual culture.” He then discussed that Burgess abandoned the manuscript when he came to realise “he was a novelist and not a philosopher”. In the meantime, Burgess did publish a short autobiographical novel tackling some similar themes entitled, The Clockwork Testament.

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