Notes on News: RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 and All Stars 5 announced – are we shocked?


Wondering what today’s most un-shocking ruveal is? RuPaul announcing a 12th season of Drag Race and All Stars 5, all whilst hyping up fans for the release of Drag Race UK with photos of the new season’s stage design. But what should be a gag-worthy day for fans of the show is more of a we-been-knew moment, RuPaul’s insistence on capitalising reality TV and our bank accounts now somewhat predictable. Despite this, ratings are sure to continue rising along with RuPaul’s celebrity-value, as he pushes drag and himself further into the mainstream world.

Though this constant Drag Race content is undeniably entertaining, it feels as though RuPaul needs to slow down for a moment and let us catch up. Having just finished the ‘meh’ season 11, following an equally tiring All Stars 4, it seems RuPaul’s longstanding money obsession is reaching an all-time high. The challenges are getting boring, the queens aren’t arguing or providing as much entertainment, and although it’s watchable there are far less memorable moments in Drag Race and All Stars herstory of late. RuPaul’s video announcement therefore brings with it little excitement, with the show becoming so predictable and fans watching only in hopes that something interesting will actually occur. Let’s hope that Drag Race UK will give RuPaul’s the flair, excitement and gags that it brought in the earlier seasons pre-mainstream success.

All that’s to be said to RuPaul now is good luck, and don’t f*** it up!

Catch the VH1 video announcement below:


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